How To Be Motivated To Exercise.

Sometimes when beginning a new chapter in life seems overwhelming.  Sometimes the big pictures is too busy and life gets in the way.  Let’s break this down into smaller steps and tips to help us not only BE MOTIVATED but BE INSPIRED.  We contain all the power within to be your bodies best advocate for change.  Let’s get MOTIVATED!

How to stay motivated:

  1.  Get Motivated: Find some inspiration.  I’m sure your live on social media.  Look up some inspirational people who have had amazing transformations and use that as initial motivation.  Get on the computer and print off a motivational quote.  Tape it to your fridge or bathroom mirror.  Anywhere that you can see it.  motivation required
  2. Put stuff in your way:  Keep your gym bag on your shoes, by the door, or on your dresser.  If you see it, you’ll remember your goals and be more likely to use it.  Keep a shaker cup and protein container on the kitchen counter.  It will be the first thing you see in the morning.  Pint a motivational reminder and put it in your car where the miles read.
  3. Get a epic play list for your phone: Find what inspires you to loose yourself in the moment and get that cardio in.  I personally like metal music while training but I know people who love calmer music.  Pandora is a great option for continuous like music for training.  You can even upgrade your Pandora account to have zero commercials. th7RK2TTXN
  4. Find a training partner: Find a friend or co worker who have similar goals as yourself and get moving.  Plan to meet before work or after work.  Heck, meet at lunch and walk a couple miles together.  thU52DIZ5X
  5. Only allow yourself positive thoughts: Stop comparing yourself to others.  Only compare yourself to your you of yesterday.  Focus on daily goals, weekly goals and don’t loose yourself with one ultimate goal.  Example: Focus on walking 2 miles 3x a week is a lot more realistic than loosing 100 lbs in a year.  th3JYQBGM4.jpg
  6. Give yourself credit: Every change you do for the better affects all of you.  Some changes aren’t immediately seen physically but remember that internal changes are occurring.  Every step forward is positive and worth noting.  th18Z1CSDA
  7. Find an exercise that motivates you:  If you hate running, don’t do it.  Find alternatives to keep you motivated.  Get on a treadmill and put the incline to 10 or 15 and hold on and walk at a fast pace of 3.8.  You got this!  Or if this cardio is not inspiring to you, take a swim class or swim lengths.  Whatever it takes.
  8. JUST DO IT:  No excuses.  Sometimes you just need to put your shoes on and go!  Force yourself to just do it!

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