Good Genetics?

How many times have you been to the gym or at a fitness competition and hear people say, “Must be nice to have such good genetics”.  Completely discounting all of your hard work you put in just to bring the package you have.I remember being at my first NPC show and looking around.  I wasn’t 20, I didn’t have the body I had before I had kids.  I had stretch marks, and could easily tell I have a good 10-15 years on lots of the other female athletes I was up against.

We must realize that some people are just naturally more gifted than others. It’s not that that they haven’t been training hard it’s just that they have the genetics to build muscle faster than others.  Which means some people who aren’t naturally gifted (Like having good genetics) in something usually have to practice harder because they don’t have the advantage like some people do to make it come naturally.

There are three classes of body types which are the Mesomorph, Ectomorph and the Endomorph.

Mesomorph body types have a large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique. Mesomorphs are the best body type for bodybuilding. They find it quite easy to gain and lose weight. They are naturally strong which is the perfect platform for building muscle.

Ectomorph body types are typically a skinny build. Ecto’s have a light build with small joints and lean muscle. Usually ectomorph’s have long thin limbs with stringy muscles. Shoulders tend to be thin with little width.

Endomorph body types are generally soft. Endomorphs gain fat very easily. Endo’s are usually of a shorter build with thick arms and legs. Muscles are strong, especially the upper legs. Endomorphs find they are naturally strong in leg exercises like the squat.


I have a mesomorph body type.  I’ve been blessed in life to have a naturally fit body, but have to put effort into it to maintain it.  I have to have a regular diet and exercise regiment to keep my build.  If I stick to this I can easily gain muscle, but have to keep training to maintain it as I can gain fat easily if I remain stagnant.  Especially as I have gotten older I have noticed this being even harder to maintain.  Or maybe I’ve just finally figured this out and am super hard on myself when I don’t stay with in stage weight…..which I know isn’t super healthy to walk around at all year anyhow.

Now I know during my back injury recovery I have experienced heavy weight gain but a lot of that had to do with the meds they had me on for pain control.  Either way, I am not genetically blessed with a lean body type.  I do have to put in effort, a lot of effort.  Especially in the competition world and competing with girls literally half my age.

Experience and consistency are things we cannot compete with.  Another competitor my exact age with the exact meal plan, if she is more consistent with training or does more shows than me will obviously show better than I will.  Now I know this shouldn’t be about competing with anyone else but yourself.  This is just to show you that its not always about having the best genetics.  You cant compete with Experience an Consistency if you, yourself aren’t putting everything into it.

How many famous people in an athletic industry have come on top and not because of great genetics but because they were consistent and never gave up?  Now that’s something to think about.


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