Cauliflower Fried (Rice)

I found a similar recipe on line and tweaked it to be more conducive to what my family will eat.  Now my family loved it so much I made a second batch almost as soon as I finished the first.  And after dinner was served they asked for more.  So this truly was a hit at my home.


Now I will go through the directions on how to replicate this in your own home.  First you will need to cut up and dice an entire head of cauliflower and set it aside.


Now get a frying pan out and put 2 TBS on Avocado Oil in it.


Next, dice a whole small onion and saute it into the pan with one clove of garlic cut up.

Next, Saute in the entire head of Cauliflower.  I added 3/4 cup of water to it to help it saute and not burn.


Next, add 1 cup of uncooked peas (I used frozen) and 3/4 cup of carrots (I used slivered).  Be sure to stir them in well so they also cook.


Next, add Light Soy Sauce to taste.  I added about 1/4 cup to my pan, and mix.


Then add 2 eggs, that have been beaten in a separate bowl into the mix and cook until the eggs are fully cooked and the entire pan is hot.


Voila, an amazing side dish, 100% vegetables and still has the texture of rice but minus the carbs rice brings.  I doubled this batch with three teenage girls and had nothing left.  They ate it all.

You could add any additional vegetables that you wanted and even more eggs.  I wish I had a larger pan to fry a double batch in.  Maybe I’ll try it in the skillet next.  The deeper edges would be helpful.

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