Keeping Motivated

Being the beginning of a new year.  What have you done to keep motivated?  I find most people are super eager to keep a new years resolution for the month of January but fall short by the end of the month.  

Keeping motivated takes work.  Even for me!  Having goals and being accountable for them are hard.  Being in a gym in January can be intimidating.  Some people would rather start their lifestyle and fitness goals in February, once the initial crazy of the gym wears down.

But the trick is to not loose site of these goals and have January fly by and miss February’s start date for finally getting onto that goal you have set for yourself.  YOU are worth the effort to change your life for the better and putting yourself first.  Even you moms out there.  We are the worst for putting others first and our needs last.

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January came into my home and was busy!  And stressful!  Some unexpected life situations occurred which put personal goals to the side for short periods of time.  But this is not going to define me or my family.

But, we also added some essential work out equipment to our garage which will definitely help me and my family achieve our goals for the year.  We have been keeping our eyes open for some time for equipment that we can use that are beneficial to both a Bikini competitor and a Body Builder.  Not always an easy task!


Now tell me this doesn’t live up to its name?  EPIC is exactly what this is.  We found it on a local Buy Sell Trade Site.  For a fraction of what it would sell for new.  The two towers on it allows endless possibilities to training.  And how convenient is it that its in my garage!  I can go out there at any point in the day and get my work out in.  I always find when I want to use a tower at the gym, I have to wait forever.

I’m still shocked that this equipment came up for sale, and in January!  I figured everyone would be holding onto all this equipment, especially in the month of January.  Oh well, I am not complaining.  I am so happy!


Now this was another steal!  We’ve been looking for an industrial strength Treadmill for a while now.  We wanted one that had a high incline capability, and one that can handle the weight of a body builder (yes, this was important). We got it from a local company in Utah that has the Icon contract to sell all the Proform, NordicTrack, FreeMotion equipment at a lower than retail price.  They are an awesome resource to the fitness community here.  I believe they even deliver, so go check them out!

Contact Jordan Folsom, Frugll Fitness Owner, 808-354-0616.  Tell him I sent you!

We picked the FreeMotion treadmill and it exceeded our expectations.  It has built in Fans, has Bluetooth capabilities and has speakers that you can connect to your phones.  And the speakers, wow!  Talk about loud!  I can use this to do my entire work out.  Cardio and weight training.

Sometimes to help us stay accountable we can hire coaches, or join challenges, workout with friends etc.  I’m starting my next Weightloss/Lifestyle challenge in February.  Let me know if you want to join this group!  It’s been a great experience! Weight Loss Challenge





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