Are you a people pleaser?


Ever find when you try to please everyone that only you end up feeling drained, exhausted and unmotivated? Sometimes when we expend more energy than necessary on people, some who are undeserving of our extra time and energy.

We need to really balance our lives so that we don’t feel drained or exhausted or unmotivated.


Same goes for our bodies. When we want to loose weight we expend more energy than the calories we consume. It’s a very fine art form. It’s hard on the body but we see results dependent on how much extra energy we expend burning those calories.

Anybody who has depleted knows very well how hard it is. How weak we feel, hungry we feel, tired we feel. All for a goal. A good goal but we all at one time or another feel all these things. Usually for one show. A few minutes in stage to try to impress the judges and get qualified for a national show. Or to grab a pro card at the national show. Pushing our fitness goals to the ultimate level.

So as we can see this result based on our bodies and how they can transform dependent on our diet and exercise program.

Now, let’s go back to what I started off with. What are you sinking your energy into? Are you spending all your energy and more into pleasing people who don’t deserve your time or energy?

Is it time to re-evaluate your life and friends and find a balance that will leave you with energy at the end of the day. Maybe for the ones who do care and love you and are worth your extra energy?

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I think we all could use a inner life look and reprioritize where we are and do better. Imagine if you could channel all that wasted energy into our own goals and or people who are worth our time?

Just my random thought today. I’m not saying dont be nice and don’t try to please people. But to really look at what is important to you and what gets your time and energy.

I’m guilty of giving my time and energy to things that aren’t really important. I have people in my life who get more energy than they need or deserve.

But I want to do better. My family deserves me doing better. My goals deserve me doing better. Most importantly I deserve me doing better!

It doesn’t happen over night but being aware of this and comparing it to our goals whether there personal or fitness makes a huge difference.

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