Listen To Your Body

They always say, your body knows best, that your body will tell you everything.  But how often do we listen?  Do we pass the signs our body gives us as “Being Tired”, “Being a random [Off] moment”.

We need to listen to our bodies.  How does it feel?  What is it telling us?  Accept how you feel.  Is it normal for you? Listen to your body.  Is this just a tired day?  Or is your body trying to tell you something?  Lastly, trust your bodies.  If you feel different, its likely caused by something.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but something.  Listen so you can respond.  The sooner we start listening to our bodies the sooner we can take care of its needs.Image result for listen to your bodies

When we train, we essentially break down muscle and as it heals we feel “sore” or “pain”.  This is a normal response.  Your body will repair and replace damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands. This occurs when you rest.  So you will feel more sore after the work out rather than during the work out.

Sometimes our bodies put out signals to us that could sometimes be seen as normal but if its for a longer period of time, we need to acknowledge that maybe something isn’t right and be willing to do something about it. “Being Tired” is a normal response to a busy day or after a work out.  But if after a good nights sleep you’re still waking up tired, day after day, this isn’t “Normal”.

Seeing a doctor to get lab work for everyday health is okay.  Seeing a chiropractor or massage therapist is okay.  Advocating for yourself is okay.  Especially when your *cough* older.


I did two competitions last year and felt “off” after my second show.  I felt really down and experienced low energy and motivation.  I told myself this normal because I was in show prep most of the year.  I was aware of what my body was telling me but chalked it up to just being tired from months and months of depletion and training.

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Well weeks turned into months and months turned into lots of months!  I finally decided to listen to my body and go see a doctor who would help me identify what exactly what my body was telling me.  My family doctor just wanted to treat the symptoms I was experiencing.  But I knew that that wouldn’t fix the issue.  I asked around, a lot, and found a hormone specific doctor near by who would take the time to listen to me and do not just lab (blood) work but also saliva testing so see what the true issue/s are so we can treat the imbalance, if any, instead of treating the symptoms.

I’m telling you, this was SO worth it.  I finally got my labs back and now know the true issues and can now work on repairing the imbalance.  I am so glad I found a doctor who will treat the issue and balance it out instead of treating the symptoms.  My only regret is that I didn’t listen to my body earlier and started this process months and months ago.  I am positive once I get the hormone imbalance adjusted that I will feel so much better.  Its time to get my training to give me the results I am capable of.

Our bodies are so smart, smarter than we realize.  Please take the time to listen to your bodies.  Don’t deny what it’s telling you because you are afraid of the results.  Sometimes what its telling you is that the balance is off.  That’s not a big deal.  Unless your like me and ignore it for months and months. (Insert eye roll).  I am so excited to start feeling better and to see the old me come back 100%.


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