Hot Yoga

I have been suggested to try Hot Yoga for YEARS.  Ever since my back injury.  I always thought Yoga was something teens or young adults do.  I admit I was really naïve about what it truly was.  With all my hormone issues I’ve been struggling with my coach, whom opinion I adore, suggested I try Yoga.  So I found a Groupon and decided to try it.I didn’t know what to expect.  I went armed with a hair tie and typical work out attire.  Lululemon Yoga pants and a Tank top and a full water bottle.  Now as people started filing in, I realized that maybe my choice in attire may not have been the smartest.  But I was in class so that has to amount for something, right?


You know those pictures that show, How I see myself doing Yoga vs How I actually look?  Yes, this was definitely me in class today.

I as hoping to blend into the background with my friend I drug out with me.  But this was a failed attempt as they welcomed us to class…..ugh!  I appreciate the sentiment but I am sure once we get started, it will be obvious whos new.  Am I right?

So we start with basic stretches.  The heat is up and I have major anxiety nerves and dripping sweat because we went in early.  I treat this experience like any work out I’ve done before and drink my water.  Who knew that’s awful Yoga etiquette.  Face palm.

“WATER: We ask that you refrain from drinking water up until the completion of the third posture. The teacher will inform the class of the first water break. After this time you can drink water when needed. Please drink water between postures.”

Well I sure didn’t get the memo…..She made the announcement to the class after I drank my water.  Oops.

Image result for shaker cupLet me tell you, mad respect for you Yogis out there.  This is no joke.  I could do a lot of the poses, however, not gracefully, but some were a definite no with my back.  But I really did gain a greater respect for all of you who do this.  And the sweat!  WOW!  I can see why you can burn up to 477 Calories in one session of Hot Yoga.

I definitely over dressed for this class.  I’m sure I looked like an Eskimo dressed up for the beach, however, no sand and no sun in that class.  (Side note, why isn’t Eskimo recognized by this American spell check?!?)

I truly believe this can help me bring more Zen into my life.  It was nice to be forced to calm down and find my balance.  Physically and mentally.  My neck is a little sore so I am sure I was tense and could work on my posture in class.  But I will definitely try this again.  With more appropriate clothing, and more hair ties.  One isn’t enough for my monster hair!  I may even invest in a head band to help the sweat stay off my brow.  Back to the 80s do for me!


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