How’s Your Circle?

Sometimes a huge part of a persons success is hugely influenced by whom they spend their time with.  Whom they allow into their space.  Whom they allow their time.  We are all one of a kind.  Do you allow people who don’t deserve your time in your circle?img_7404

I passed by this quote on a social medial feed, I apologize I dont remember who I saw that posted this.  Anyhow, the point is, it made me stop and think.

How often do we allow people to be given our time and energy when in reality, your nothing to them.  Now I am not trying to be rude here and say we’re all too good to share our time with.  Not at all.

What I mean and am trying to say is.  How many of us are too nice to set and keep the boundaries we deserve when it comes to our friends, and even family members.  Actually, some of us are too nice and give complete strangers more time and validation than they deserve.

I believe that all of us are genuine and genuinely want others to be happy.  I also believe that some of the time we get distracted with life, sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Some of us need from time to time to step back and analyze where we stand in our own personal situations and know if we have extra to offer or not.

Some of us, me included need to pull back and work on our own lives from time to time and re fill our own cups before we have extra to give.  Make sense?

Some of us, to our own determent spread ourselves so thin and don’t know how to stop helping or offering to help.  When it is truly best for us to stop, take a min, a day, a week, etc to just stop, breathe, and get our focus back.

You see my point.  Life throws you curves and I think life is a lot smoother if you are surrounded with people who love and care about you.  No one has a perfect life, so you need to include people in your circle who understand this and can be there for you in the good times and the bad.

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I used to think that the more friends I had, the better I was.  How could this not be true?  Such a high school thought process.  I mean, I don’t go out of my way to not have lots of friends but the older I have gotten, the more I realize the value of friends is much more appealing than the number of friends.

Through life we all grow and change.  We have different goals, different dreams, different beliefs even.  You want your circle of friends to support you on all point of your journey.  Even if they don’t agree with it.

When you change a goal or dream, are your friends cheering you on?  Are they genuinely happy for you successes?  OR like this quote says, are some of your friends more interested in you not succeeding or improving?

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I’d love to believe that people are all good natured and that they all support me.  But truth is.  People aren’t all the same.  People do change.  You need to be your number one supporter and not worry or set so much of your success on the people you assume are your friends and in your close circle of people. (Easier said than done, I know)

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Change can be a good and empowering thing.  Take bodybuilding for example.  Lots of my so called close friends, including some family members did not support my decision to compete.  Like at all.  Some didn’t understand it.  Some thought it was selfish.  You name it, I’m sure I’ve heard it.

But change is the basis of bodybuilding. The more we change the better our bodies have the ability of becoming better, stronger.  Also, the more we change for the worse, the worse our bodies become and actually do worse.  If we treated our friendships like we do transforming our bodies for a show, imagine the strength we would have in our circles?

If we received support from our friends.  Support in successes, support in trials, support in failures even.  We would be unstoppable.  And on the other reality, if we continued to be around people who dont support us and make fun of us or whom are ignorant to our end goal.  We would be setting ourselves up to fail.


No matter your situation in life.  Be your number one supporter.  Try to tune out the negative friends and chaos and try to find an ounce of happy in your life.  All you need is you.  You have the power to do the impossible.  The hardest thing we can do it making sure our circles around us are full with positivity and happiness.  I know it’s not east.  But if you can do this and take back your own opinion of yourself.  You will be unstoppable!

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