Embrace The Suck

The definition of realizing something is bad, but dealing with it. I believe we all deal with this in our own lives from time to time. This is when we have to dig deep, sometimes deep, deep down to rise above the struggle of any given situation and conquering it.

I’ve been off serious prep since the fall. I didn’t fall off the deep end or give up. I simply stopped counting calories. Made good healthy eating choices and still maintained the gym 3-5x a week.

I’ve been back on prep for about a month now and let me tell you. I am fully encompassing this motto to the fullest. Following a specific meal plan. Getting in hard, productive training, specific cardio goals with resistance. It’s exactly what I want and know what it takes but it doesn’t make it any easier.

I’ve struggled with hormone imbalances. High blood glucose levels. Both things I’ve never struggled with before so it’s creating new challenges and territory. This prep is definitely requiring more time and attention as I need doctors to help pin point how to rebalance my body so I can capitalize on the same routines my body rewarded with me last season.

Patience isn’t something I’m great at. I’m not afraid of hard work. Any one who knows me knows this. But when your putting in all this hard work and your body doesn’t respond. It’s like banging your head against the wall. So frustrating.

Pictures showing progress from my first show March 2017 to my Second show July 2017.  Only a 4 month transformation.  I have huge goals to meet this year.  I hope to bring an even leaner and more muscular package to my next show.  

Plus I’m balancing Home life. I have three teenage daughters. One who’s on the spectrum. Not easy my friends. I’m still nursing this Military back injury as well.  But that’s life.  Might as well buckle up and take it head on.

I don’t quit things. And I give 100% so when I do both and don’t make up excuses I expect more from my body. Stagnant isn’t something I’m comfortable with. My body needs to get with the program and wake up! Haha. Realize I’m putting in all this work. Tones of effort. At the gym, in my nutrition, in getting enough sleep, in drinking enough water. In physio care, Massage care, keeping my implant charged. You get it.

I’m not making any excuses. I’m embracing the suck and doing everything to a “T” that is asked of me. I am determined to get ME back and back to doing the shows I want. Come on summer!!!!

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