Throughout life I think we all stumble upon talents. Create talents and are blessed with strange talents. Ha ha.

Have you ever sat down and actually thought about what your talented at? What could you offer your community if there was an emergency? Or what could you offer people to help enrich their lives just based on your talents? Makes you think, doesn’t it? I think when I was a little girl I thought you had to be born with a great talent. And maybe some of the times you are. Or, I thought you had to come from money to be talented. After all, if your parents can’t afford to put you in dance, sports or hockey even how do you develop the talent?

Then you grow up and realize the sky is the limit and some things you can naturally do well. You make different priorities and put more effort into developing these talents. Some you realize right away are not your specialty. Ha ha. Some surprise you with how natural it becomes. And some absolutely astonish you that you’re even capable of it at all.

Becoming a single mom sure pushed me out of my “box” and had me be willing to try different things. Which I now appreciate.

I leaned how to do Threadding. Threadding is a method of removing hair with thread; originating in India. I figured I had three girls and why not learn. I love this art form and love how particular you can be with the results of using just thread.

I learned how to Spray Tan. Spray a tanning is a form of self tanning where you use a fine mist of tanning solution to be sprayed over your entire body. This must has DHA in it that interacts with your own skins chemistry to turn it a tan colour. Different brands and different shades can give you the look you are looking for whether it be for a show, daily wear. Or for a holiday. I love this. And love meeting people along the way that want colour!

I learned how to shoot a Compound Bow. I never thought I’d even want to learn to shoot bow. But I fell in love with the sport after joining the military and got bored of shooting the same guns every day. I really should take this sport up again. After all, I do own my own bow.

I learned how to shoot all sorts of guns. Military sure opened up these doors.  Joined the Military Police and served my country.

I educated myself a lot. EMT, Ophthalmic Assisting, Police Sciences and even in Fitness. I taught fitness for years back home.

I trained and competed in NPC shows.

P/C Rob Norbutt

I learned how to be confident in advocating for myself and my daughters. I promise you. If you can do any one thing right in your life. It would be to learn the art of advocating for yourself. If something doesn’t seem right, trust that. Go ask questions. Seek help! If you don’t like the answers, go ask again. Get second opinions. Trust your gut. No one knows you better than yourself and no one knows your kids better than you.

You don’t have to be what your family thinks. Or what your Neighbour’s expect. Heck, I live in a state with a whole new set of ideas on what’s acceptable and what’s not. It can sure be frustrating some times. I grew up that being an individual is a blessing and valuable and being with different people and cultures is looked upon as a blessing and to embrace the differences. To celebrate who we are and to love by neighbour. You don’t have to agree with everything they do but you can be open minded and so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, respect it.

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