For us being realistic can be all the difference between succeeding in out goals and defeat. For example, setting short term goals provide immediate benefits but challenges. We all can achieve our long-term goals as a direct result of our short-term success.

Goal setting can mean setting realistic weekly weight loss targets and developing strategies for very realistic daily scenarios. Such as parties for work, outings with friends, and restaurant going.

So lets talk about it.

Real life has many challenges. Weight Loss and Lifestyle changes are included in this area. It’s a lot easier to stay at home and control what food is there and what you eat, but it’s not realistic. We have many demands and distractions on the daily.

So, how do we prepare for these real life scenarios? Holiday seasons are absolutely a hard time for the average person, let alone those of us who have set goals for fitness and wellness. If you are attending a work party. Plan ahead. Eat before you go. If you’re not starving, you won’t be as tempted by the non meal plan food options presented. Don’t feel obligated to eat everything they serve. No one is going to force you to clean your plate. This may be the one time you can get away with it. Don’t go early to be tempted by the cheese and cracker station. Bread station and alcohol.

Outings with friends can be particularly hard. At first, anyhow. Again, eat before you go. Being your handy cooler in with you and when they eat, pull out your meal prep. I promise people will actually look up to you and you will inspire so many others by your dedication. If they are hosting a BBQ. Why not bring your own chicken breast to grill. Load up a lot of veggies in your cooler and fill up on that. It’s completely doable and acceptable. Your friends will actually support you and when your not on prep, they will actually give you a hard time for not eating prep food. Haha.

Restaurants are actually easier to go to than they used too. Most have healthy menu options. And have calorie counts on their menus. You can also order a la carte. Meaning you can order chicken and veggies with no butter. Or sweet potatoes without any toppings. You’d be surprised how many restaurants will accommodate this for you. At no extra expense. Salads are also a good option. Just ask for no dressing or their light dressing options on the side so you can portion it out yourself.

Dinking a lot of water can also curb hunger. If you feel full, you won’t want to eat as much. You can do this. It is possible. Just plan ahead for success. Your future self will thank you for it. You’ll end up finding your favourite location to eat at and then will have that be your go-to place.

Another way to stay focused on goals is to not obsess over it. You may want to loose 10, 20, 40, 60, or even 100 lbs. It takes time and weighing yourself every day isn’t going to help you stay focused. Weight, especially water weight fluctuates all day long. You could be 5 lbs heavier at night then first thing in the morning. Focus on how your clothes fit, how you look in the mirror. Weight and measurements are a measure of progress. Not a tool to show defeat or to dread.

Set goals small. *I will not eat out this week* *I will only eat what’s on my meal plan for one week* *I will love me unconditionally* *The scale will not define me this week* Be your biggest supporter. Print out positive memes for your mirror, buy sticky notes to write positive thoughts for your mirror, fridge, car, wherever you need it. You got this!

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