Definition of Beautiful

I believe as we mature we change our definition on what’s beautiful. When we’re little we believe to be beautiful you must be a princes. After all. Fairy tales are the epitome of happiness, right?

We all went though our favourites and now to this day I bet all is girls can still name our favourite princes. Mine was Ariel.

I thought she was so inspiring. She went from a mermaid to a human. What a huge transformation. It wasn’t easy but she did it defying all odds. Who knew how relevant that would be to my life later on.

As I’ve matured and had my own beautiful children. My definition of beautiful is much different. It’s not just an outward appearance but an inward feeling. To love yourself no matter at what stage of your true self you are at.

We all have transformation journeys. Some physical, some emotional, some spiritual. You get the picture.

For me the measure of beauty is defined by how strong I am. Not just muscular but strong period.

I truly believe the beauty of any individual person can be measured simply on how strong they are.

Strong internally. String mentally. Strong battling daily battles. Strong being a mother. Strong embracing change. Strong on your journey. Strong being happy. Strong loving again. Strong accepting life’s struggles. Strong defying gender rolls. Strong just being at peace with your life.

How unstoppable would you or him or her or me be if we could just stop and be strong as an individual. Being happy with who we are, at this very moment. Being who we are and not who people want us to be?

I truly believe that if we are strong for ourselves. We have the potential to be unstoppable. Have limitless goals and undefined destinations.

Go be strong. Stronger than you’ve ever been. Strong is BEAUTIFUL!

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