Empowering Women

Lately this topic has been on my mind a lot.  Not for any one particular reason but I thought I’d write a bit about it.  I feel so blessed to be born in a time and era when opportunities seem as endless as the mind can imagine.  Technology is surprising us every day with its capabilities. And so with a little ingenuity and drive, people are able to create and inspire so many others with things and opportunities that not only make life easier but bring people together.With this being said.  I also look around and see so many people, male and female get in the way or hugely influence people and stop all progress in its tracks.  I don’t understand this mentally.

Now I want to focus on women inspiring other women.  I am a woman and see this on an almost daily basis.  Plus I myself have three daughters and all I have ever wanted to do was to inspire them to be the best they can be.  I’ve raised them to know that they have the abilities to be anything they want to be.  Do anything they want to do.  So long as they put in the work, anything is possible.

I love how we live in this world that isn’t defined by a specific gender roll and responsibilities.  What I mean by this is, a woman can be a Police Officer (Me case in point), a man can be a nurse (Some of the best are).  A woman can be a Crown Prosecutor, and a man can be a stay at home parent.  You see what I mean here.  The world has gender roll preferences as to what is generally acceptable but the rules for this are being bent all the time that it truly is possible for any male or any female to do whatever they want.  How lucky is this concept?

Now to get back to my original idea on this post.  I find we are humans are so threatened by other people and them being “Better” or doing “Better” that we sabotage them or ourselves.  All this mentality does is gets in the way of advancing positivity and having a happy life.  If we focus so much on what we think is expected of us by others we truly will waste whom we are and what we are setting out to accomplish.

Image result for inspire women memeEveryone was blessed with different talents and abilities.  If we all had the same ones life would be really boring and mundane.  Now because of all these talents and abilities, we could as a whole, support one another and inspire one another and accomplish ten times the amount of success.

I know what I am talented with and what I am not talented with.  Some things I am not talented with I still enjoy and push and challenge myself with to improve just because I am capable of doing it.

I also know that we are our own worst critics.  I get in my own way A LOT.  It’s human nature and it makes our lives “easier” for a moment or at least that’s what we convince ourselves of.  So imagine I am over here doing something I know I love but struggle with but am doing everything in my power to get better at it and someone else comes over and simple says, “Why even try, who you kidding?”.  Now they may say that in just or in a jokingly manner but when they leave, how will that one sentence resignate that minute?  An hour later?  A day later?  Just saying, words are powerful stuff.

Now with that same thought process, what if I was doing something I love, that I know I’m talented with and someone comes over and says the same thing.  I know logically they’re full of crap but when its quiet, what goes through my mind?  Makes you think doesn’t it?

Now, think about how you interact with others.  Good friends or not.  Do you leave people inspired?  Do you cut them down?  Do your words leave them smiling or reflecting and maybe having some self doubt?

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I truly believe this quote.  One woman CAN make a difference but TOGETHER we can ROCK the world.  I want to be that woman who can stand back stage and be positive and be uplifting to the women who compete beside me.  Yes, they are competition but once were on stage there is nothing more we can truly do the improve that base package we brought.  The months and months of prep and dialing in is done and all we can do it be the best us and rock it.  Why not be happy and positive back stage?  I know how hard it was for me to get to that point and I have no problem telling others how good we all did.

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Sometimes all we need is to smile to change someone’s day.  We all need gentle reminders.  As a mother we are constantly validating our children.  We constantly tell them not to give up.  We constantly want the best for them and tell them to not hold back.  I hope we can all take this mentality and inspiration out there to all the women we come into contact with.

At the same time we could all use this lesson on ourselves.  Positive self talk is HUGE.  I’ve talked about this before so I wont get into it again.  But we know this works.  We know how to inspire, how to be kind.  Can we slow down enough to remember and be that person whos positive and happy for our friends who are successful?  I sure hope so.  This is something I strive for every day at being better at.



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