Fun Fact

I hear all the time that I’m so unapproachable in the gym. I promise you I don’t try to be. But I am a no nonsense girl there. I treat the gym with respect and like a job. I put my headphones in and get my work out done and I go home. That being said I do like people. I do like making new friends and I do want to be approachable. Lol.

If someone said hi to me. I would stop and say hello. I’m not a monster lol. Just focused and don’t like spending hours in the gym if I can help it. I love the gym but I also love my family. I try to balance my fitness and my family. But if I have to choose I will pick my family every time.

Please, if you see me around the gym. Come say hi. I feel like I know a million faces but no clue who anyone is haha. I’ve even recognized people at the super market but have no clue who they are as a person. And cause I’m so shy I don’t say anything lol.

The past month I’ve made a lot of changes to food and to hormone supplements and feel WAY better. I have a clear head and feel unstoppable. Surgery was 11 days ago and I’m still tender so not lifting as heavy as I was pre surgery but mentally I am back 100% and so excited to start hitting the gym harder and with more purpose. Not that I wasn’t hitting it with purpose before but my head always felt cloudy if that makes sense.

I have my blood glucose levels finally under control and now see my diet and training showing on my body, finally. So blessed. What a journey to get to this point. I can now confidently say that I will be competing this year. It was always a goal but had to have my body cooperate and work with me, not against me.

Some other fun facts about me are:

I have naturally curly hair. Yup! But of course I love straight hair so most people never see me with my natural curl.

I am one of five kids. I have three sisters and a brother. Three of us went the law enforcement route. Military police, Corrections and Fraud investigations.

I have three teenage daughters. My oldest daughter is 17 and graduates next month! This fall my other two daughters will be in high school. I feel so old!

I own a compound bow. I love to shoot guns, I love to compete. In anything. I’m very competitive. But at the same time I am humble and very willing to help and give sincere congratulations in any situation.

I’m not a helicopter mom. Some people may think I’m too tough but I’m just honest and want my kids to know right from wrong and make their own minds up. I was raised LDS. But that doesn’t define me. I have tattoos, I’m not a typical submissive woman. I was police and Military and Love fitness. If anything all those things combined have made me to opposite to judging eyes in the Utah LDS community. But I am who I am and am true to myself so I charge on.

My kids know I will do anything. I mean anything for them. I’ve worked 5 jobs as a single mom to support them when I received no help from their bio dad. I’ve definitely gone without for them. At the end of the day my kids know they’re my priority and that no matter what they can tell me anything.

Last fun fact. I got my white water kayak certificate at age 16! Was he scariest experience of my life haha. But I did it.


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