Time Management

Ever wonder how athletes make time for all their training?  I promise you, there are days when even the athlete themselves wonders how they can manage life and all the commitments that come with their training.How much time do we find for social media?  Or for our favourite television program?  Life is all about priorities and balance.  If you can find something important enough for it to be a priority, you will find the time to get it done.

My priorities are: Family, Work, Taking Time for me.

Family:  They say it take a village to raise a family and I assure you its definitely a lot easier to raise kids with support.  Whomever you deem that support to be.  When your a new mom and your baby is up crying all night, you do whatever it takes to sooth and comfort your child, right?  Same with anything that is important to you.  You make time when its important and a priority.

Work: We cant work without bringing in an income and supporting ourselves and or our families.  I am retired because of an injury so I am blessed with a pension, no matter how small it is.  It is a blessing.  So I treat the gym as my work.  It’s a priority so I make time for it.  Depending on my back pain levels, I am there 5-6 times a week.

Time for me:  Its taken me years to understand how important this is to life.  I need to take time out for ME so I can be a better person.  Not just for my own mental health, but for my family.  Even if all it is, is a hot Epsom salt bath.  Sometimes a soak is all I need to be happy and recharged again.

Now to truly put this to the test you must plan.  I can emphasize how important this is to being successful. If you know you have a lot of commitments on any particular day, plan ahead so you can have time set aside for each item.  For me, training is more important than a hot bath.  And if worse comes to worse I can always have a bath late at night.  But Between car pool and life commitments I schedule time to go to the gym.  Or at least hit the weights in my garage.

If you have that show you must keep up with, have some free weights in front of the TV.  Have a yoga ball in there and do crunches during each commercial.  There are lots of ways to capitalize being healthy and training while right at home.

When I was recruiting into the military, I was a single mom with no dad in the picture.  I was working 3 jobs to support my kids.  But I wanted to be a Military Police Officer so bad I could taste it.  I practiced pushups for hours in my kitchen while I ran an in home day care while my kids were in school.  I trained so much that even the 2 year old children in my care would get down and try to do a pushup.  It was so cute.  I would get up at 5 am just to go do cardio at the gym before the kids needed to be up for the day.  I had an 18 year old tenant at home who would be there if there was an emergency, it was a blessing and allowed me to get all my training in.  I also had tones of free weights and barbell with a ton of weights also.  I did whatever it took to be successful.  It paid off cause I was able to pass all the items places in my way to join the Military.

All you need to do is prioritize what’s most important to you. YOU ARE WORTH IT! ❤️

Bottom line. You need to figure out what’s most important and make time for those things. You can do it. I promise you.

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