Ever feel so overwhelmed that life seems impossible?  This new year I decided to take back control of my life and my own feelings.  Not always an easy thing to do, but so worth it in the long run to cleanse your life and allow yourself to be yourself and not let others affect how you feel about yourself.


Its interesting how everyone has the same time and abilities to be positive in the same hours in the same day.  What percentage of your day are you wasting on negative energy from situations you cant control?  Is there ways to illuminate that control over your life and let it go and be happier?

I don’t think its always so obvious to note where negative energy is coming from.  Sometimes I know from being a woman, I feel like I need to control everything and clearly this is an impossible act.

What are you doing with your 24 hours you’re blessed with today?

And yes, today is a blessing.


Some times it’s important for your soul, yes, your soul!  To reflect and purge all toxic relationships that are negatively impacting your life.  This can be relationships with food, friends, family, loved ones, alcohol etc.

Take time to reflect on what’s holding you back and get rid of it.


Sadly, sometimes it takes us reaching that breaking point, or beyond, to be brave enough to make the change we need.  But once we get there the world is ours and we regain all the potential we once had.  We will be able to accomplish things we never believed we could and we will in turn inspire so many others to be the best them they can be.

How empowering is it to be who we were meant to be and to feel free from negativity and anxiety?

This year I have weeded out my friends.  This was so hard but something I needed to do to be happier.  Took me a long time to reach this point as I am not one to give up on people but some friendships are definitely one sided and I wanted to be around people who lifted me up, not drag me down.

This year I forgave people who have wronged me and whom I held grudges for years.  I don’t think I ever initially thought I was holding a grudge but when the persons name came up it gave me anxiety and realized that clearly I wasn’t over the hurt this person caused and needed to right it to be able to truly be over it.  Whether I believed they deserved it or not.  Not easy.

This year I put my health first and focused on being healthier.  Not that I don’t live a healthy lifestyle already, but hormonally I was suffering huge.  I advocated until I found doctors who could help and now that everything is balanced out I feel AMAZING.

It IS okay to put yourself first.  It IS okay to be happy.  It IS okay to have energy for things that are most important to you.  If you put yourself first you will have the energy for the things placed in your life and you will be a better mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter etc.

The time is now to put yourself first for once.



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