Salt Lake City Photo Night

A week or so ago I had the pleasure of going to downtown Salt Lake City with some friends to test out evening photography and new lenses.  I jumped at the opportunity to model for them.  People all share different talents and I am grateful to be surrounded by such amazing talented people.  Also, exploring the amazing backdrops down town Salt Lake City had to offer was amazing and such a cool experience.

Jeannie Kranendonk @jeanniekranendonk and Chris Cano @caoc70 were a ton of fun to work with and both did amazing work.  Definitely check out the Instagram accounts.  They are both so down to earth and captured a lot of amazing shots.

I have been really wanting to do a photo shoot that wasn’t completely fitness related.  I wanted people to see that I do get out of gym clothes and runners.  I do my hair now and then and put makeup on.  I really am more than an athlete.  I just don’t always think to capture the real me moments.  So I truly appreciated this opportunity.

I believe sometimes I get into a funk of conquering a particular goal and forget to balance my life.  Tunnel vision can interrupt all of our personal growth and I hope to be able to balance more in the future.  Yes, I have goals.  But that doesn’t mean that I have to forget who I am.

I am a mother, wife, friend, daughter.  I am strong, independent, talented, capable, passionate, hard working, goal setting and unstoppable.  I hope you can all enjoy seeing photos of me, being me.  Make sure to follow my dear friends on IG.


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