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I recently was interviewed by the company Kill Jane. Their website is They carry great workout gear. They sent me a TShirt and I purchased a headband from them and loved the feel of the shirt.

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Here are the questions they asked me and I thought I’d share the answers I gave them. Make sure to check out their website!

1) What paved the way to your road to fitness? How did it all start?

I’ve always been into fintess.  Always worked out and was active.  I even joined the Military and was very fit then.  Bodybuilding was always a bucket list item but after doing one show I fell in love with the sport and am now prepping for my third show.

2) You’ve won NPC Bikini Competitions coming back from an injury – what was that experience like for you?

Coming back from an injury is hard.  I had major surgery and it took a while to get back on track.  I have to modify work outs to accommodate my back and have to realize that if something hurts, I need to stop.  But the important thing is to listen to your body and to never give up.  Also, have a support system around you who listens to you and pushes you to be the best you can be.

3) You’re a wife, a mom to 3 lovely girls (one who is on the Autism Spectrum) and a bikini competitor – how do you incorporate balance into your life?

I’m always trying to find the best balance.  My husband competes too so he understands the crazy demand we place on ourselves during prep and competition mode.  I was medically released due to my injury so I have the ability to not have to work right now which has allowed me to get my training in a lot easier than it would be if I worked full time.  But I also get up before the kids and stay up later than them to get my cardio sessions in.  Having equipment at my home has allowed the balanced life be even easier to manage.  It’s all about priorities and my kids know this is important to me.  They will even come get a garage work out in with me.  Or at a minimum come hang out and visit with me while I get cardio in.

4) What does a typical week of exercise and meal prep look like for you?

I meal prep once every3-4 days.  Chicken tastes funny to me day 4.  I have it down to a science now so prep goes pretty fast for me now.  During school days I head to the gym as soon as I drop off at carpool.  It allows me to get it done before the kids end up calling or life throws curves.  Every time I wait until after lunch or evening, life ends up placing things in my way and its a lot harder to get my sessions in.  Cardio I get in as needed.  If I do fasted cardio its best first thing in the morning before the kids get up.  Then its out of the way.  If I dont need to do fasted cardio I just get it in after my regular training session.  Again, evening cardio I get in at home once kids and spouse are settled.  My husband will train in the garage along side me while I do cardio if needed.

5) What advice would you give to all the women out there who also want to start on their fitness journey and achieve their fitness goals?

Don’t ever give up.  Be consistent.  Its hard but all good things are hard.  If I can do it after my back injury, you can do it too.  We are worth our own investment in ourselves.

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