Few of my favorite things

Ok so as people can likely see. I’m not a girly girl. Don’t get me wrong. I love to dress up now and then but day to day you’ll find me in a comfy workout outfit and a pony tail.

It’s funny as I get older the more I wish I knew how to do amazing makeup and hair for a fancy night out. Or for a photo shoot. But truth is navigating You Tube and actually executing it properly isn’t easy for me.

Now, over the last couple years I have found a few of my favorite go to items that I want to share that I love.

Let’s talk lashes

Before competing I would just have my lashes permed and leave it alone. But since moving to the United States I haven’t found any place to do this so I have tried a ton of lashes.

When I lived in Utah my go to product was

Both available most places like Walmart or Walgreens and this glue was perfect for lasting wear.

BUT since moving to Louisiana I have the humidity to contend with. The Kiss brand glue isn’t up to the task for the climate here. At all. By lunch you’ll be walking around with half you lashes flying away. Ha! Not attractive.

Now that I’m in Louisiana my favorite go to lashes are:

These are 100% real human hair and the glue that can withstand this climate is actually weave glue.

This product is so inexpensive and stays put all day. It dries quick and peels off the lashes without ruining the lashes and allows you to reuse them time and time again. Thus saving you money.

If I use this product I don’t need a back up glue stick in my purse. They’re good to go for all day.

Now I still love the Kiss #11 lashes but the ifulllash is cheaper and look so much more natural.

But they’re not water proof. If you shower with these lashes on. You will not be able to reuse them.

Where the Kiss brand lashes are a lot more resilient with water they’re more expensive and harder to find in stock. Everyone loves this number of Kiss lashes.

Let’s talk tanning solution

I am a certified airbrush tanner and love me some sun kissed skin. I love the convenience of being able to give myself an airbrush tan.

But again depending on where you live depends on what solution works best.

In Utah I loved South Seas Rapid Tan

It was a fast drying quick processing time. So after application I could shower in two hours and it would envelop over night. I LOVED the colour.

In Louisiana this product doesn’t dry fast enough. Funny how humidity plays such a vital role in items and products.

I’ve experimented a bunch and figured out I love the Tampa Bay Rapid Tan

It also dries fast, even for humid climates and processed fast. Between 2-6 hours depending on how dark you want to be. I usually wash it off after 4 hours. I was spoiled with the South Seas 2 hour product and like to not be sticky all day haha.

Let’s talk leggings

Im picky when it comes to my pants. I like good quality product but also leggings that won’t stretch out and fall down after ten minutes of wear.

Also I want a product that doesn’t fade after 10 washes.

My favorite leggings are from Aritzia. They’re TNA brand. They’re about $22 and so worth it. They fit amazing, look great and hold up. I can train in them. Wash them tones and wear them out on a date night and they always look good.

They come in lots of colour and patterns. You seriously won’t be disappointed in this purchase. They deliver right to your door as well. Even my daughters love these. Can’t beat the price and quality.

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