Perspective After Competing

We all know we’re suppose to love our bodies, flaws and all. We grow up. Get stretch marks, have children, loose weight, gain weight, have many different stages of life.

We have to learn to love ourselves at every stage. Some stages are harder to love ourselves in than others. Especially with social media and television showing us how they feel we need to look. It’s a complete mind game.

I’ve always loved myself. Or at least I thought I always loved myself. Or my body. But after we complete a huge transformation are we truly happy with our “normal” after we rebound back to a healthy, normal, everyday self?

If you’ve ever competed in body building you will understand completely what I mean by this.

We unknowingly set our standard to what is acceptable to an unrealistic level and this can cause so many athletes depression and self hate. Which is so sad 😞. I am not exempt from this and is something I work on after all my experiences of depleting my body for a show.

What a difference 6 years can make. On the left I had just joined the military. Was in pretty good shape. Was competitive in military drills and exercises. Was very confident and happy.

On the right I am exhausted, over dieted , dehydrated, and seconds away from my husband actually taking me to the hospital for severe dehydration. Perception is everything.

Both versions of me I am very happy and confident and proud of how I looked. Both are very different images of strong. Military drills are no joke and nothing short of exhausting. Training for bodybuilding shows are equally exhausting with extensive training, cardio, strict meal plans etc.

I was so happy with both packages but looking at both shows me what I am capable of and I am so proud of both versions of me.

Love yourself at every stage and level of fitness. Our bodies are amazing and we are so blessed to have them.

Depleting is essential to compete at the national level. But this physique is not normal and is not expected to be maintained year round. It is normal and healthy to put on some weight post show. Water weight alone can be dramatic. It is important to know that what we present on stage for a day after months of training is not what normal is.

We can not hold ourselves to this level of pressure. We need to embrace ourselves at all levels and know that being stage ready isn’t healthy to stay on an every day to day life.

I’m not sure how to help people realize this. I think experience helps. After my last show disaster, I had to allow myself to be upset with the dialing in. All while knowing I brought my best package and just because I wasn’t allowed to show case it. Didn’t mean that I looked any less ready or competitive. I actually emotionally felt way better after this show that any other and will use this experience to fuel my next transformation and show that much more.

Had this show been my first or second show. I’m not sure I could have emotionally handled it as well and could have likely turned me off from this sport completely.

I am so grateful for my strength to push through these trials and be able to continue through my training and goals.

Love your bodies and love yourself. We are worth everything and more.

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