Privacy In The Industry

Its interesting how huge the bodybuilding industry is yet how small it is.  It seems everyone knows everyone and knows whos training with whom and whos coach is whos.  It’s not a bad thing but they’re all watching and waiting for the next big thing.  Whether that’s a show, growth over an off season.  How big he comes after bulking, whether its a clean bulk or not.  It’s so funny how we have people watching whether we want it or not.

We unknowingly inspire so many.  I’m sure not everyone’s reasons are genuine or positive in watching our every move but there are so many other people out there also watching your journey whom we can inspire and hopefully help them get the courage to keep going on their journey.  To keep positive and not feel alone.  Even if its to start their journey one more time.  As long as its positive I am happy.

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My journey is just that.  Its mine.  I love who I am and who I’m becoming.  I love being open and honest about my experiences.  But that being said I am very private.  I don’t get caught up in the drama of the industry.  I don’t always ask for feedback after a show.  Not cause I don’t want to know, but because I have two eyes and can see plain as day what areas I need to work on.  I also do this for ME and don’t need to feel worse about myself and have a judge tell me the exact areas I know I struggle in.

I’m sure at some point I will change my mind on this but for now.  This sport is a positive challenge for me and until that changes, I don’t need any more negative feedback.  It’s my journey.  As long as I beat my last package.  I’m a winner in my books.  Trophy or not I win!

I love to train, I love to push my body to limits I didn’t know I could.  I love the challenge.  I’m driven like no other and use that to my advantage.

I know how politics can get in your head and I’m sure its real.  I’ve experienced it at many if not all shows.  I try to drown it out as I hope to one day bring a package so strong that it speaks volumes and it won’t matter who my coach is, where I am from, what suit I’m wearing etc.  I want to place based souly on my package I bring to stage.  This may not ever happen, but it’s my goal.

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I believe to be the best sport, we need to judge solely on the criteria given for each division.  And by what each athlete brings.  Period.  After all, we body build.  Shouldn’t the entire competition be on the physical package we bring to the stage that day?  Just saying.

I’ve used different coaches along my journey.  Learned so much from each and every one of them.  I’ve reached out to some coaches and either never heard back or heard back way too late.  I’ve watched other competitors and heard what they’ve had to say about different coaches.  All this information has driven me to hire a coach I’ve been looking at for well over a year now.

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I believe all coaches had things to offer and are great for different stages of time.  I also believe you have to be able to mesh with your coach.  You need them to be able to listen to you as well as call a spade a spade. If I need one area to be worked on extra, tell me!  That’s what I pay a coach for.

Bottom line, you need to work with a coach that you mesh with.  Hire one who pushes you to a level you’ve always wanted to achieve.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.


I love this quote.  The first two are a given but the third one. This is power.  Keeping things private can be key to a successful prep or next move in your life.  Keep your next move private.  Keep them guessing.

If you’re lean and killing it in the gym, won’t it be interesting if everyone thinks your doing shows your not competing in?  Just means you’re doing something right.  Keep the gossip as fuel to your prep fire!

What’s your next move?

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