Being Nice

I remember being a young child thinking that once you grow up it’s easier. Everyone is happier. No one tells you what to do or dictates your life. Haha boy was I naïve.

Now I’m not saying that parts of growing up aren’t easier but not do I miss the simple life of being a kid.

As an adult I find more and more we are constantly under a microscope and being watched by everyone. Not just our kids but our peers and anyone who is blessing to be in your life.

Bodybuilding is just a piece of this big picture. Of course when I compete I welcome being judged and I do what ever I can to be competitive and sometimes it’s enough to place well. And sometimes it’s not. This doesn’t mean I slacked off on my part to being the best package. It just means so did everyone else and the competition was that much harder.

Bodybuilding is an individual sport. I don’t care what anyone says. All I can control is my own journey. I can’t control what another competitor does. What genetics they have. What self control they have. How much cardio they do. Nothing. All I can do it the best I can.

I can’t stress what happens the 30 seconds on stage. I can’t guess what the judges are looking for. All I can control is myself. I know the criteria and what they’re looking for. We all do. It all comes down to how you present it on stage. That’s it.

Now back to my original thoughts on this post. Why is being nice seen as a weakness?

I find more and more people are nice for unnice reasons. Either they’re nice cause they benefit from something from you.

They want to get something from you or cause they want to feel better about themselves and finding weakness in you is their strength.

It makes no sense to me. Life is hard enough. Why can’t people be genuine? You don’t have to like everyone. But why can’t you just be nice? Like the old saying goes.

Is never intentionally be unkind to anyone. It’s not me. Even the people who have hurt me to the point where I could be upset and be resentful. I still don’t talk mean about them.

I can choose who I spend time with and whom to avoid. It’s healthy to recognize these things and avoid them.

I’ve moved a lot and I’m still in a new place right now. It’s not easy feeling lonely but it takes time to make friends and to meet like minded people.

What makes you happy? Here are some of the things that make me happy.

My family. My safe place. My home. I have three beautiful teenage daughters. They keep me busy but make me so happy.

My dog Chip. He can be so needy at times but he’s so affectionate and well behaved. He sure makes me happy 🤪

Life is too short people. Be happy. Put yourself in situations where you can look back and be proud of where you came from and where you’re going.

And with that. Hope you all have a blessed day ❤️

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