Two Year Anniversary

Five years ago, I suffered a life changing back injury in military. No one realized at the time how life changing it was. Since them I have seen I’d imagine every specialist that deals with the spine. I’ve had countless spinals, injections, manipulations, Been on countless medications to help. I couldn’t even sit flat for for most of that three year time frame.

I moved to a new country and then across country, Started my life with my kids over TWICE. I finally found a specialist in Utah who figured out the root of my back injury, which was much more complex than anyone before had imagined. I was told about this SPINAL STIMULATION implant and was told it was my “Best Shot” for quality of life back.img_2214

I discussed with Military and Veterans Affairs Canada and of course it was so cutting edge and so expensive that Canada rejected it due to being out of the “Scope of practice”. I had to jump through hoops here to get it approved and had to pass psychological and trial implant runs, all of which were brutal mentally and physically,

img_0655(Trial for the spinal stimulator)

I was told by the Canadian Forces that I can return to modified work and not get this implant OR I can get the implant and be honourably medically released because I am UNDEPLOYABLE with this implant in my back.

I decided my kids needed their mom back to her full capacity and I owed myself the chance at a normal quality of life. I finally got this implant surgery approved and went through with the surgery. Knowing in choosing it, I chose to end my career as a Military Police Officer…….


Two years ago today I was officially Medically Released as my position as Military Police Officer in the Canadian Forces……devastating doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel inside.

I’d like to believe God has a hand in all our lives, but this truly is one experience I don’t understand..My dream career, my dream job, the one thing I worked harder at than anything (Besides my kids) the one thing I choose and worked SO HARD at being amazing at, stripped me of normal daily function for three years…..

But look at what I’ve accomplished the past two years. I am so proud. It goes to show you can never give up.  Life can throw you curves but it doesn’t need to define you.  You are NOT your injury.  You are NOT your past.  You are who you are right now.  Embrace it.


This was my physique in July 2018.  I’ve been working hard still this year to beat this package.  Lets see what I can bring by Christmas.  I turn 40 in December.  That’s right.  The big 40.  I will be in my best shape of my life at 40!

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