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Well I kept my next move quiet for months and months.  After my Texas show I hired a new coach and went top tier.  I sought out the coach I’ve been wanting to hire for well over a year.  Money and insecurity kept me from reaching out to him sooner.  But with my husbands approval I reached out to him and got a response from his team within hours of contacting them.
I decided to keep my next competition and coach completely on the down low.  I’m doing this for me and I wanted my very first Louisiana show to be a show up and surprise them kind of experience.  So far, I am three days into peak week (Wrote this on Monday) and no one has a clue I’m in this show Saturday.  I was told before that I shouldn’t do this show as its “Too Hard”.  So that kind of put the fire under my butt.  I want to do this show to prove I’m competitive enough to be part of it.

I’m not going to lie, this prep has been hard.  Extremely hard.  The amount of HITT cardio I have done shouldn’t be legal!  I’m the tiniest I’ve ever been since competing.  Last show I was 139 going into peak week.  This time I am 130.  That’s a huge difference.

I am past exhausted.  I drag myself to do morning cardio.  I force myself to do my training after as well.  Then I come home and crash.  I am sooooooo tired.  Being this lean is not productive HAHA.  I feel useless.  Then going to afternoon cardio is another challenge.  I am absolutely struggling physically at the end stages of this prep.

I won’t give up.  I won’t allow the insecurities in my head to slow me down.  I promise they are there and screaming at me to quit to give up.  I am so proud of where I have come and where I am.  I am so proud.  I pray I can use all this conditioning to finish off this peak week strong and be competitive this coming weekend in this show.


My husband was in this show last year and it was so competitive.  I am now coming to represent myself and hope to meet some new friends along the way and hope to showcase what I have been working on so hard and privately for.

I will be taking a well earned break after this show.  I need to.  I have been on prep since February and I am worn out!

My parents called me not too long ago, like within the week and told me they are flying in from Canada to support me at this show.  This is HUGE.  I am so excited but now even more nervous haha.

All my girls for once can be there and support me and my husband.  I have met some get people along the way and some are driving hours and hours just to support me at this show.

A few people who see me at the gym every day have asked my husband if I’m in this show, I guess my depleted face gives it away and he’s been good about denying it haha.  Poor guy, I think all this secretively is giving him anxiety lol.  I just want to show up and do it.  I don’t want the added pressure of having people know.  Maybe that’s weird but this is MY journey and I’m doing it MY WAY.

I’m nervous about being dialed in.  This was a major factor in my last show and I don’t want it to be an issue this time.  But my coach doesn’t carb or fat load his girls for the show so there’s that.  Shouldn’t be too many surprises then.  We shall see.

I’m trying my hardest to be calm and not let my nerves get the better of me.  The Texas show really messed up my head and it is causing stress this last week of my prep.


Today I woke up 129 pounds. Feeling way better than yesterday. Yesterday I was all up in my head and insecure etc. just a bad day. But I finished it strong in the gym doing cardio and actually didn’t sleep too bad.

I did morning cardio and a light back work out. I swear peak week means you’re way more hungry than normal. It feels harder to stay perfect but I didn’t come this far to finish weak.

My coach thinks I’ll be 125-127 on stage and I guess judging by how this week is going I should be on my way. Monday I started at 130.

Tomorrow is my last day of cardio and training. It will be weird not being at the gym Thursday – Saturday. Haha. Always is.


Woke up today and got to work on my suit. The links from my custom suit came in and I have to sew them on. The bottoms of my suit never fit. I sent them back and everything and still nothing. I was so frustrated I put them up against my other custom suit this same company made me last year and realized the connectors were over an inch too short 🤦🏻‍♀️. So I had them over night then to me and they came in the mail last night.

For spending over $600 on this suit I’ll admit I was less than impressed.

It’s a good thing I know how to sew. I bought a new sewing machine as I can’t dont the power cord for my other machine and got to work.

Looks like I’ll be wearing red after all. So happy and relieved it’s done. I was worried. Being two day out from my show and no suit was a mess.


Night before my show. So far being dialed in is shaping up just fine. I’m doing to the smallest I have been on any prep to date.

I went to check ins 20 minutes before they closed and then headed back to the hotel to relax and get my last meal in.

No stress. Right?


Morning of my show this is my package I woke up with.

I am sooo proud. This prep was hard. The cardio alone was brutal. But I am so excited to see where I have brought my body the last 12 weeks. Down almost 20 pounds.

Wearing red today so red lips was a must. Not a Tom boy today friends.

My parents made it just before-prejudging. And I was so happy.

They flew all the was from Canada to support me. It meant more than anything. ❤️

Back stage at this show was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. No coaches allowed which made it stress free and allowed all the athletes to visit and become friends. Everyone was so supportive and happy. It was amazing. I appreciated it so much. Amazing ladies here.

Here are some of the photos from the stage. I am so proud of myself. I wanted to beat my last years package and I did just that. I am the biggest winner in my books. No matter how tonight goes I am beyond thrilled and so grateful for my family who is here to support me.

I want to show some comparison photos from my LA California show where I took 1st last July 2017 and today Nov 2018 in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Blue suit is from California and Red suit is from Louisiana. 15 months apart.

Blue suit I’m about 130 pounds.

Red suit I’m 125 pounds.

I was so proud of my package last year but blown away at my progress and current package.

I want everyone to know my back injury is still a huge hinderance for me. I work closely with a medical doctor and with my coach to modify many exercises and listen to my body. If my back is bad I don’t train. I don’t do squats. I don’t do stairs. I don’t do dead lifts. I have 90 minute weekly therapeutic massages and do whatever it takes to be healthy. Some days all I can do is lay flat on the floor. Back injuries are no joke and I treat mine as just that. A disability and injury.

BUT I don’t use it as an excuse. I do whatever it takes to be smart and still achieve my goals and dreams. I have an amazing team around me and I am happy. I love my circle.

Look at all these beautiful woman I am blessed to share the stage with. True inspirational women here. ❤️.

My husband is literally double my size here. I am 125# and he’s 250#

My mom and I My dad and IMy daughter and IMy husband and daughters

My mom and daughter.

Here are some photos from the show. It was such a fun experience. So glad I could be a part of it.

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