Evolution of Growth

Growth, especially in bodybuilding takes time. Not only in the gym but time with eating and nutrition. Sleep is a factor and cortisol levels is a factor.

So many factors into positive growth on our bodies.

I’ve been competing for almost two years now. Onto my 4th coach and each coach to date has had positive influence on my life and growth in one way or another.

Photos have been the best tool for me to use to document and see growth. From show to show and from off season to off season.

This photo shows all 4 of my shows and the progress made at each show.

Far left is:

March 2017 in Utah.

Next one:

July 2017 in California.

Next one:

July 2018 in Texas.

Last one that’s red:

November 2018 in Louisiana.

These photos are a comparison a year apart. Blue suit was in Rodondo Beach, LA in July 2017 where I took first 🥇. The red was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in November 2018 where I placed 4th in Masters and 6th in Open.

But look at the HUGE changes. I can’t help but be proud. I weighed 130 on the left and 125 on the right.

38 years old on the left and 39 on the right.

I’m so proud of my tie ins from my glutes to my Hammies. Yes, I can improve them but they have improved a ton.

I’m also so proud of finally loosing the fat off my hips. With my back implant it was a struggle area cause of my body protecting the implant. It still is a water retention site but I’m doing the best I can to keep that area lean.

Now this is my journey so I’m sure anyone can look at my photos and pick apart what they feel is good or bad. But for me I am so happy. I am excited to take some time off and improve areas and to see what next year holds.

Nothing’s gonna get in my way. I have a plan and I’m going to execute it.

Cottonwood Heights, Utah March 2017

Rodondo Beach California July 2017

Stafford, Texas July 2018

Baton Rouge, Louisiana November 2018

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