Post Show Weight

You pick a show, you find a coach, you plan out your next 12 weeks.  You train, eat well, deplete, suffer, really suffer.  Plan out every aspect of the show.  Posing, suits, jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup, fees, etc

Now show day is over.  You can have that cheat meal.  Can relax a bit.  Don’t have to eat eggs, chicken or watch your caloric intake as strict.  Then what?


Is this your first reaction when you step on the scale?

After my show I had my cheat meal.  Didn’t taste as good as I was expecting or hoping for that matter.

But I had a plan with my coach and so the scale wasn’t my fear this time around.

However, even with a perfect plan.  I didn’t expect to get Pneumonia a week after my show.  Nor did I expect it to kick my butt for 10 days!  During this time I could hardly get out of bed let alone eat.

I didn’t panic though.  Well a little bit of worry.  But I knew I didn’t consume a ton of bad calories and I was well aware that I was holding water from the antibiotics.  Which is normal and expected when fighting off infection.

So when I did finally stand on the scale I still had a couple days left of the antibiotics and it wasn’t a horrible experience.  I was well within my expected range, even with being sick.  I was so happy.

Now I’ve been back to the gym 4 days now and can see the excess water dropping off and its great to be back into a routine again.


Real life here guys.  This is a photo of me this week.  First thing in the morning and all.  Still seeing excess water here.  But nothing I cant handle.  The more I get my gym routine back and my clean eating the tighter I’ll get.  Yay for trusting the process.


Sometimes life is what it is.  Plan your path carefully.  Stick to the knowledge you already know.  So when life throws you the curves you dont expect, which include being sick.  You can get through the unexpected curve ball and get right back on track.

You can do it.  You got this!

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