To The Girl

To the girl who never thought she was good enough.  To the girl who lived life for everyone else and forgot about herself.

To the girl who is constantly reminded that she is insignificant.  To the girl who is constantly worn out from burning the candle from both ends.  To the girl who is so strong but yet so worn out.

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To the girl who does her daily routine of life and is constantly surrounded but so many people but yet feels so invisible.  To the girl who sets goals and completes them, not only well but beyond comprehension.

To the girl who cries only when she’s alone so no one sees her weakness.  To the girl who stays so busy because she knows the second she stops she will be reminded with how hard life is.

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To the girl who is friends with everyone but yet feels so alone.  To the girl who just struggles to get out of the house every day.  To the girl who is a survivor of all things life throws her way.

You are beautiful, you are amazing.  You inspire those you dont even know are watching.  You are beyond worthy of life’s blessings.  You are unique and awe inspiring.  You are love, you are strong, you are irreplaceable.

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You are someone put on this earth to achieve only things that you are capable of.  You have value beyond measure.  You have an amazing soul that needs to be seen.

You are an individual who can set any goal and achieve anything you want to.  Don’t let life’s bumps in the road sway your course.  Learn from those bumps in the road and rise up stronger than even knew you were capable of.  Life is a journey, not a destination.  We are never promised tomorrow.  Making today as amazing is important.  Even if all that looks like is getting out of bed and kissing your loved ones.

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Your value to this world surpasses how people see you.  You set your worth.  Don’t let someone else’s perspective on you dim your light just because they’re colour blind.

You are a light to this world.  To all those you come into contact with.  You are a blessing.  You are brave.  You are loyal.  You are proud.  You are love.  You are unique.  You are worth everything.

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Best of all.  You are YOU!

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