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After my last show my coach and I decided to touch base in the New Year and see what a game plan for me in the 2019 season could look like.  I loved my last coach and how he was able to break my plateau my body seems to always stop progressing on.  I noticed so many changes with my 14 week prep with him that I have decided to keep him going forward.

I spoke with my coach on the 2nd of January and we have picked a couple shows to work towards this coming spring.  Which means I am back on prep, again!

Its funny.  My first ever prep was so long and painful.  It was a slow process but was what my body needed to respond to the new lifestyle after such a serious back injury.  My prep started before my back surgery and the continued after an 8 week recovery from said back surgery.

I am starting this prep 5 pounds leaner than when I started my last prep with him.  Which means I have been able to stay that much leaner the 8 weeks I have been off prep.  Which is huge for me because I had pneumonia for 3 of those weeks.  And Christmas and Thanksgiving and New Years was thrown in there as well.

Keeping in mind my last perp with him I started a few weeks after my last show so I was extra lean.  This confirms to me that my body is clued into the new me and I am able to keep a healthier weight off season because my lifestyle has changed and improved that much over the years of prep and training.

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This is basically my motto during prep.  Each prep has its own challenges and hard moments.  Last prep I felt like I truly experienced the meaning of SUFFERING.  I got leaner than I ever have been before.  I don’t even recall ever being 125 pounds.  I was nearly 140 Pounds graduating high school.


This morning I had my one week check ins with my coach.  I sent off my morning weight and pictures.  This first week I am down nearly 4 solid pounds.  I broke the plateau my body took so long to break last prep (Nearly a month).  I am thrilled because it shows that my body is back into knowing what’s going on.  My body is responding and I am so excited to see how my body does this entire prep.

Cardio is probably my biggest personal struggle.  I don’t like it.  Its the nature of the beast though.  If you see me in the gym and my head is down and you see me walk right upstairs.  Chances are I’m hating life and going to do my cardio.  HAHA

I try to get most of my workouts done in the morning before life and kids and commitments get in the way.

I find since my injury and being unable to work.  This sport has given me a purpose.  It gives me goals and challenges myself and at the end of the day makes me happy.  Isn’t that what life’s all about?

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