They say the ultimate form of flattery is being compared to someone.

Now granted, this can be a huge compliment and huge for the ego. But what if you’re constantly being compared to someone who actually inspires you or motivates you to do better?

Now I am all for inspiring people. I live for it. I don’t want to ever not inspire people.

What I don’t understand is why when we move to a new place or reach a new level in something we work hard on. Example: bodybuilding or dance or school etc.

People can’t help but compare you to those around there who do the same thing as you. I think they do it as a compliment. At least I hope so. But truth is my only competition is what I see in the mirror every day.

I am hard on myself. I strive for perfection in my own way. I’m not perfect. Not by a long shot. But with competing I’m tough on myself. I take pride in doing whatever my coach tells me.

When I first moved to Louisiana everyone and I mean everyone seemed to compare me to someone here. I mean I was flattered at first. And I still am but now that I’ve been here a while I wonder why it keeps coming up?

I mean I work hard. I’m trying to outdo my last physique. I see her work hard. She’s doing the same thing. Trying to better herself. She’s inspirational in her own right.

Now I’m curious why people still compare us two. It doesn’t feel like a compliment anymore. I mean we both work damn hard and both have positive traits. I’m a huge fan of hers and wish her all the success in her career and life period.

I don’t compare myself to her or to anyone in my sport. Now I know when we’re on stage we do get judged and that’s a real part of the reality of the sport we are in.

But I won’t put her down or anyone else down. That’s not who I am and I don’t think that’s what this sport intends for it’s athletes to do.

I believe the most powerful thing we can do is believing in ourself. How powerful is this? We need to believe in ourself and force our bodies to do what we know it can.

If we believe in ourselves we are unstoppable. 💜

If we allow ourselves to be our biggest fan we can have the inner strength to convince our stubborn selves we can not only do anything but we are worth doing whatever it takes to achieving that very thing.

I am all for women supporting women. We are amazing people and have amazing strengths. I have three beautiful daughters and believe this quote 💯. We need to support one another.

We are so har don ourselves. Sometimes we need another women to help remind us of our value and importance.

We are so powerful and as women we can be the biggest support or biggest upset to one another. I choose to be supportive. I choose to inspire and chose to cheer on my teammates and my competitors.

We need to lift one another up and be the strong support for not only the women we know personally but for every women who has the same love and challenges we all have.

So thank you for comparing me to this amazing inspirational woman. She’s a badass in her own right. And I’m trying to be a badass in my own right.

I will continue to be flattered by the comparison but it doesn’t define me. I am only looking forward to beating the one women whom I see daily. And that’s my own reflection in the mirror. She’s the most loving and caring and hardworking person I know. She has so many people watching her and all she wants to do it better herself.


She has a lot to prove with her spinal cord injury. She knows it may take her longer to achieve the same level of success. But for now as hard headed as she can be. This is the only woman I want to beat!


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