How Did That Happen?

All my life I knew one thing and one things only.  I wanted to be a mother.  I of course finished high school and went on to finish college and university but my main goal in life was to be a mother.

Now I was blessed to have my first daughter when I was barely 22.  She didn’t even want to be born.  She stayed in as long as she possibly could and we ended up haveing to force her out!  HA!

She was my first born and was truly my best friend for so many years.  I had three daughters (Yes, heaven help me) HA!  And had the typical first child traits.  She is the most kid, witty, funny, caring person I know.


She grew to be taller than me in her early teens.  Her dad is tall so it shouldn’t have come to be such a surprise but it did shock me.  How is my first born so tall?  Ha!  She is a great example to everyone she comes into contact with.  Shes a great big sister and puts up with a lot of drama from her little sisters.


When I first started my journey in bodybuilding she didn’t quite understand it and was very skeptical about the entire process.  But she came to my first show to support me and got the experience and was my #1 supporter from that day on.


She is always so composed and always has the best advice to give.  Anyone who gives this girl a moment of their time will soon realize that she is such a fantastic person and they immediately gain a life long friend.


This past May she graduated from high school!  Can you believe it?  It was this moment that I knew there was no denying she’s growing up way to fast and I am not as young as I once was!  She graduated at barely 17 years old.  I was a very proud mama!


This past week my daughter Whytni turned 18!!  I know have an adult daughter!  How is this happening?  I am blessed beyond measure.  Whytni I sure love you to pieces!




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  1. Love this post. Very awesome, very true. Except I am by far your number one supporter in bodybuilding. Haha. Had to calrify. Made me a little jelly to see you award that to W. Lol.

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