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cardiovascular exerciseFunny how the definition of cardio is defined in two words.  Cardiovascular exercise.  HA!


I am thrilled that my husband captured this picture of me smiling while doing cardio.  It is a very rare occurrence.  The smile while doing cardio.  Not the cardio itself!  I do cardio 7x a week now for 50 minutes a day with the intensity that allows me to burn 500 calories within that time frame.

It is not my favorite thing at all.  In fact I loathe it.  I burn through runners every 3-4 months while doing it.  My favorite cardio machine is the treadmill.  With my back injury I find this the most comfortable way for me to accomplish the caloric burn.  Stairs hurt my spine and so does the elliptical.  The bike hurts my sacrum and tailbone.  So as a compromise I set the incline to the elliptical to 12-14 and hall ass.

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HAHA  How true is this statement.  So many people make eye contact while I’m on the treadmill and its like, “Do we talk?”, “Do we smile?”, “Do we pretend it didn’t happen?”  Or maybe I make death stairs unknowingly and they’re just being nice and checking to make sure I dont require medical attention?  HA!

With my insulin resistance and low blood pressure issues I find cardio makes me very light headed.  My coach has suggested I add these supplements to my morning intake and I am thrilled to report the dizziness is 100% gone now.



I just take them as directed.  I wish I had this information my last few preps.  Its so nice to be able to finish my sessions without having to check blood glucose levels or take a candy with me just in case.

Exercise Benefits of cardio are huge.  Doing 30 minutes of cardio exercise daily contributes heavily to your overall health. Benefits of this type of workout include boosting your cardiovascular endurance, regulating your cholesterol, improving your heart health, lowering your blood pressure and burning calories to help you maintain your weight or shed a few pounds.  And helps you reach goals of extreme leaness for compitition purposes.  But still an overall miserable experience for me.  HA!

I am a girl who loves to lift weights and train hard.  I have no trouble getting into the gym to acomplish these goals.  Training makes me so happy.

I put the music in and crank it and get to work.  I love me time in the gym!


I train split weeks.  Meaning I lift weights two days then I take a break then train anotehr two days.  But since I’m on competition prep I do cardio 7x a week.  So three days a week I go to the gym just to do cardio.  YUCK!

No matter your goals. You have to set up a plan and execute it.  Whethere you have a coach or not.  You have to make your goals a priority and set up a strict scedule to accomplish them.


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