My Story

img_2154A little about me. I’ve always been into fitness, always. I was a single mother of three girls for nearly 11 years. One who is on the Autism Spectrum. I have always been goal driven and very independent. If I set a goal, I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.
Some things I’ve done along the way. I finished my first University Program in 2000. Police Sciences. Then I graduated in Ophthalmic Assisting in 2002. I then continued and got both my Land and Water Fitness Instructing certificates in 2004. I even completed my EMT course in December 2016.  You can say that I love to learn!

I was personally recruited into the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Police Officer while, get this, running a full time in home Daycare. And as a single, only parent. This was by far my dream job! So I promise you I understand the struggle of finding time and juggling a full time job, doing basic training, being a single parent and focusing on my fitness goals all at the same time.

I have overcome many obstacles in my life. Single parenting with the other parent not involved at all was a huge struggle. But I found the strength with in to not only not fail my kids but my own worth while giving my daughters the life they deserved. I was victim to a bad fall during my time serving as a Military Police Officer. I tore all the muscles and tendons off the left side of my pelvis, jammed my sacrum and dislocated my Coccyx. I fell so hard that I also put so much pressure onto my spine that my L4 & L5 compressed and budged the discs in between them. I couldn’t even sit flat for 3 years!

After years of trial and error treatments, I finally got the surgery I needed to help manage the pain in my back.

During my time managing my injury and trying what seemed like every possible treatment out there I gained nearly 30 lbs. I sunk into a bad depression, but in 2015 I decided to forgo all medications, get back to the gym and start getting me back. I regained new goals and decided that since my injury was 6 weeks out from my first NPC show, I’d again focus on completing that goal and did what it took to lose the extra weight I gained and get on stage.
I underwent my back surgery in September 2016 and got on my first NPC stage in Utah in March of 2017. I had then lost 50 lbs. Transformed my body and actually came in 5th in my bikini division and bringing home my first trophy. I couldn’t believe that just 6 months before I underwent back surgery that had me bedbound for nearly 2 months.  I competed again in August and November 2018.


Again, in July 2017 I competed in my second NPC show in LA and took 1st! What a victory!
My path to completing this goal was not easy. But I am proof that anyone can do it. If they put their mind to it. By July 2017 I was down a total of 50 pounds This was my last picture. I was 125 pounds here and that was a total weight loss of 53 pounds.

I am not your typical bikini competitor. I stay lean throughout the year and meal prep 90% of the time. Every 4 days I spend about 2 hours on my own personal meal prep. Fueling your body is so important. Lots of people forget this main fundamental and work against themselves with nutrition and stay focused on staying lean, or getting ripped that they forget that muscles need fuel in the forms of proper nutrition and food. We need to stay creative, even with “boring” foods so that the end goal feels achievable.

I train 4 days a week (Split training) and rotate muscle groups and currently do 50 minutes of cardio 7 days a week. I have set the bar “attainably” high and hope to make huge progress and gains this year in competitng.  If I have learned anything thorugh the last two years cof competing is that you never know what they are looking for.  We have a standard but not all judges follow said standard and it get so political and difficult.  I am choosing to stay positive and keeping my head up high.  I love what I do!

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