You Control Your Happy

Life is full of ups and downs.  Our lives truly are a rollercoaster.  My life has been no exception.  I believe the purpose of life is to be happy.  Finding the calm in the storm and navigating life with your head held high and a smile on your face as much as possible.

I believe that no one is exempt from hardships.  That being said, how you trudge through those hardships reflects in who you are as a person.

One of my greatest strengths is also my greatest weakness.  I am too nice.  I care too much.  Its great because I welcome anyone and everyone and am positive.  But its also a negative because when people hurt me or wrong me I am too nice and then they can walk all over me.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and have a strong exterior but if your lucky enough to be one of my “People” I hurt when you hurt.  I cry when you cry.  And if you hurt me, I hurt deep to my core.

Five years ago I purchased my brother and sister in law a home.  We did up all the legal paper work and all they had to do was purchase it three years later for the exact price I bought it for.  It would allow them to get into the house they wanted and whatever appreciation they acquired in that time was theirs.  All I wanted was my down payment back and the equity.

Well they didn’t uphold their end of the contract.  My brother and sister in law walked out on the house and left me over 100,000 in the hole.  Imagine how this impacted not only my life but my kids lives.

Years ago when I divorced my kids dad.  I learned that divorce was ugly and that I cant control what other people do but I could control what I did and reacted.

I decided to only open legal mail pertaining to the divorce Wednesday nights after I put the kids to bed.  Then I could read it, be mad, and have a hot bath and a cry if needed and go to bed and be me again the next day.

Holding in anger holds you back.  Therefor diminishing your shine. So allow yourself to feel and then move on.

I am a true believe that we can control our own happiness and destiny.  We cant control what others do to make that road more difficult and more trying.  But we can try our best to remain positive and hopeful during the trying times.

Sometimes our life choices aren’t respected by other people.  That’s okay.  Its our lives.  But sometimes people put so much friction in your way its hard not to feel defeated in being the best version of you and makes your final destination seem that much more difficult.

I am on my road to my next destination.  I have a lot of friction and adversary in my way currently.  I am choosing to be positive and stay consistent with getting there.  I am having  to turn off the “nice” in this situation and just focus on me and my girls.  My happiness out shines others opinions of how or what I should do.  It’s my story!  I’m the author in this story and I choose to push the friction aside and do whatever it takes to make sure I arrive at that destination.

I have a great social media presence and I’ve been asked how I stay so positive on there.  Truth is it’s a choice.  I highlight my happy.  I control what is posted.  Just like in our own lives we choose what we highlight.  We can choose to let negative control our lives or we can choose to be positive and press forward to the next great thing awaiting us.

I am human.  I promise you I have trials.  Big ones.  But I choose to stay positive.  I try to use my strength to push through.

Today is a new day.  How is your day going to begin?  How will it end?  Are you the author of your story or just a character other people control?  Interesting thought isn’t it?



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