State of Mind

They say mind over matter.  This may be good in theory but how well is it in real life?  Good question.  I believe it may have to do with how bad you want something or in how it personally affects the individual.img_9335

Choices do reflect your hopes.  You’re not going to choose something that will lead you to something you fear or dont desire.  Makes sense, right?  So in every aspect of your individual choices will get you to your hopes.

Now, what is a hope?

a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Now I suppose we had better make sure what we hope for are in alignment for what we desire and want.  Otherwise it is a complete waste of time.


Once we have that hope it is time to take action and take the steps we need to to achieve that hope.  Even if its a small step, as long as your moving forward, you are that much closer to achieving that hope (goal).


I saw this and loved it immediately.  Anything we want isn’t always easy to get.  Fitness is not OWNED.  It definitely takes time, and work, hard work in fact.  It’s more than just lifting weights.  It’s meal prep, balanced hormones, cardio, enough sleep, sacrifice.  Time away from family and friends, skipping dessert and drinks.  But the end result is truly unmatched in awesomeness.  It’s such a great accomplishment on any level.  Pick a goal, hope for it and DO IT.

This year I choose to be well.  I choose to feel good.  I choose to be the best me I can be.  I have struggled to balance my hormones and to actually feel unstoppable.  Almost like a depression sunk over me.  But I wasn’t depressed.  I could get up and get to the gym, I could meal prep, I could be there for my kids, but something was missing.  I felt clouded in my head.  Life numb almost and like I felt underwater.

When I would go to the gym I wasn’t seeing results.  I was lifting so heavy but nothing was showing on my body as far as growth.  I was so frustrated.  I was eating clean but gaining weight.  I would be in tears.  I knew what I was capable of and knew something was wrong but no one knew.  I had blood work done and nothing.  I saw hormone doctors and thought I saw progress but it was short lived.

Finally, I spoke to an acquaintance back in Louisiana whom I met at the NPC show in October and he asked me a few questions and told me to get a blood glucose meter and start checking my BG.  To my amazement this was a HUGE part of my problem.  I then went back to the doctor with this information and was diagnosed with insulin resistance.  I was placed on Metformin and have seen HUGE results.  I changed all my meal prep to simple, simple lean proteins and veggies and  rice (Complex carb) and that’s it.  Since making the change I am down 10+ pounds and lifting heavy and seeing huge results.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people who have helped me get ME back.

I cannot begin to explain how much better I feel and how my mind has cleared and I feel unstoppable again.  No this hasn’t made all areas of my life perfect, lets be real, that will never happen.  But when I do go to the gym and do things for me, my mind is clear.  I feel better and am now seeing results.  I am SO HAPPY.




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