Keeping Distractions At Bay

We all have distractions in life.  Some parts of our lives has more than others.  Fitness goals are all about staying focused and not being distracted, or to at least minimize the distractions.Image result for keeping distractions at bay in fitness

How we stay focused will ultimately show in our physiques we carry.  It’s not just about getting to the gym.  Its about eating right, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, allowing muscles to recover etc etc.

For myself it is imperative I get my training in first thing in the morning on kids school days.  I make sure I get my first meal in, am dressed, have pre work out protein shake ready and my work out drinks ready and in the car BEFORE I leave before morning car pool.

I drive my youngest daughter to school, then drive to the meeting place for my middle daughter to get in the group carpool.  By 0805 I am kidless and ready to head to the gym.  I am usually at the gym at 0815 and can get my weight session in and if no kid calls with an emergency I can go ahead and get my cardio in and feel that much more achieved in my fitness goals.  If kids call, and we all know kids call mom a million times lol.  I can then leave and finish my cardio at home.  But I can usually get my training and cardio in BEFORE 0930.

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I love this picture I found.  Staying focused is so important.  I am guilty of being distracted and not following all these informative circles we see in this chart.  I know this focus chart is meant for the work place but it is also very relevant to fitness and the gym.

  1. Eating right is so important.  Having food with you and ready to go is so important to keeping you on your assigned meal plan.  A small cooler for the days meals if you’re heading out is imperative.  I carry my food in a 6 pack bag and love its convenience.
  2. Turning off your phone.  This is a hard one for me for sure.  Especially when I’m training.  I feel like because I’m a mom I have to be available at any minute.  But honestly if they’re at school, they can live an hour without me.  But just cause I know this doesn’t mean its easy.
  3. Now having a good chair isn’t really relatable to the gym per say.  But having good shoes is.  Makes sure your shoes have good bones so that when you’re at the gym your feet have cushion.  New shoes are important.  Throw the ones from 10 years ago away!
  4. Watch the clock.  You would be amazed what you can accomplish in a 30-40 min weight training session.  Only allow 30 seconds between reps.  Then you will have 20-30 min left for cardio and BAM you’re done!
  5. Shut off the outside world.  Turn the phone on vibrate so you dont have to check every alert while your training.  Once you get back to your car you can check all your prompts and messages.
  6. Clear your mind. Once you leave your car and enter the gym, try to leave the outside world, outside.  I know its not easy but you are allowed to give yourself one hour of you time.  Gym time will make you a better person, mother, wife, friend, daughter etc.
  7. Put on your headphones.  Put on your favourite play list and turn up the music and get moving.
  8. Make a list. Follow your training protocol.  If you’re doing back day.  Stay focused and crush it.
  9. Reward yourself.  This is a hard one.  Most people reward with food.  Maybe set a goal and then buy a new work out outfit once you reach the goal.
  10. Frame a picture of your goal.  In fitness, display your awards for NPC shows.  It’s a HUGE accomplishment and you should be proud to show it off.
  11. Bring your pet with you.  Include your dog on walks when its nice outside.  Dogs love the energy and its more fun doing cardio with a companion anyhow.

Life is busy and full of potential distractions.  Stay focused and you will be successful.  I try to follow this plan for myself but life happens and sometimes I have to squeeze cardio in at night because that’s when life allows it.  It’s fine, just getting it in is important!



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