Morning Routine

We all have routines.  Whether we realize it or not.  I have found that I have to have a strict morning routine if I want to keep my goals in check so I can achieve my dreams.Some of us are morning people and some are night people.  Wither way we need to figure out our groove so we get everything in that we need to.

I dont know about you but I have a million alerts in my phone.  My kids laugh cause I even have words of encouragement on it so I’m reminded daily to keep crushing my goals.  At the end of the day I’m my biggest supporter so why not send myself a reminder?

img_0386.jpgimg_0386See it’s easy.  Here is a screen shot of my daily reminders.  Check ins are to remind me to check in with my coach/mentor.

Getting to the gym is obvious.  I have to do it first thing in the morning or the kids have to many opportunities to interrupt and I find if I train later its too hard to get my solid session in.  0800 training seems to be the best time for me.

Eating meals may seem like a silly reminder but when you are growing muscle you need to eat all the time and life gets busy and sometimes we forget.  It’s a great reminder for me to eat accordingly.  I don’t eat at 0800 but the reminder first thing in the morning seems to be enough for me to stay on top of my food.

How bad to you want it?  This is just to have me push and stay positive after my work out and during my cardio.  Cause lets face it.  Cardio sucks.

My day usually begins at 0630.  I wake up the kids and then go straight to the kitchen to get my first meal in.  Its my least favourite meal so it needs to get down before I procrastinate.

By 0700 I’m getting dressed, taking supplements, and getting my protein drink ready along with my fluids ready for my work out.

By 0730 I’m in the truck taking kids to school and meeting for car pool. 0805 is car pool pick up and as soon as my last daughter is picked up I am off to the gym.  I’m usually at the gym by 0815.

Image result for morningfitness  routine meme

This Meme made me laugh, but how true is it?  Get it done before you wake up and realize what you’re doing.  HAHA.  Me its work out before the kids realize you’re taking time for YOU.  Seriously, I swear my kids only bother me when I’m on a date or taking me time at the gym!

I usually weight train for 30-40 minutes depending on the muscle group.  I’m a put ear phones in my ears and get down to business type of work out girl.  I’m sure I have RBF at the gym but I’m actually quite friendly.  I just like to get it, keep muscles hot and finish so I can get on with my day.

Then dreaded cardio…….45 minutes right now.  It’s brutal but I actually have tones of energy now to finish.  Usually I’m tired and mentally complaining after 12 minutes. Now for some reason I can do 45 minutes comfortably.  Not saying I enjoy it.  Don’t confuse that.  I’m just happy I’m not self destructing with self thought at 12 minutes in.  My only complaint at the gym I’m at now is how hot they have it in there.  I’m dripping in sweat 5 minutes in.  Too many windows by the cardio machines does not help.  I’m melting in there.

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This is SO ME.  I’d rather do weights every day of the week than cardio.  But I know that cardio has benefits your body just cant get completely without cardio.  So I suck it up and do it.

When I’m finished at the gym I eat another meal and get on with my day.  Usually by 0930 I am finished everything at the gym.  I love that I can complete everything first thing.  It gives me the endorphins to feel great and it carries me through the rest of the day.



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