Find your zone

What do you do to find your zone? Do you wake up and just hope you find it? Do you research the best places to find it? Seriously, how do you find that inner place that allows you to push past the distractions and find it?

Mine doesn’t magically appear. Some days I force a zone! If days are chaotic and go against what I have planned I put my runners on and find it in my garage.

I am blessed to have a pretty great garage gym for days that just never seem to work the way I want.

I have a Great speaker that I connect to the Bluetooth to my phone and put my favorite Pandora stations on turn it up and just jam out. I swear a good speaker is the key to a great workout. Not only does it drowned out the kids and the dog but it allows me to just get lost on what I’m doing and be successful with my session.

I will usually prop my house door open and let the dogs just roam around the garage as I do my training and my cardio. Although if I kids are home they generally can find me and are asking me 1 million questions. Although if I wasn’t doing a work out I probably wouldn’t even see my kids. Because that’s how life goes. As soon as mom is busy all the kids need you for everything. Am I right?

This picture is actually taking in my garage on my treadmill. My treadmill face is my door that goes into my kitchen. It allows me to have the kids ask me questions if they need me and not interrupt my pace. I keep waiting for the day that my littlest dog decides to jump on the treadmill to get close to me. LOL so far he has not done so so, so so far it’s been all right.

A personal zone doesn’t just happen. Feeing good does help. A lot. But we don’t always feel good every second. I would say if you feel good at all. Even a tiny twinge of good, go for it.

Get your shoes on and go! The more you train and eat well. The better you’ll feel and the more zone feelings you will get. I promise.

Now go out there. Conquer the day and feel good! You’re worth it!

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