5 Work Out Ideas For Small Spaces

You can actually do a lot of work outs in a small space. I have some favorite ideas and I will share them with you in this post today.

Get yourself a medicine ball. They have different weighted ones. Pick one your comfortable with and use this in any small space. I use it in my garage.

Hold it in between both hangs like you were setting a volley ball and squat down and as you stand up you throw the ball up into the air or against the wall. Then on the way down you catch the ball and go right back into a squat.

Works wonders on your glutes, quads and hamstrings. Keeps your heart rate up too.

Kettle bell squats are also another amazing small space work out. Hold the kettle bell in front of you with both hangs. Go into a squat with the bell in front of you. And then stand back up and repeat.

Make sure the weight challenges you. Once you get used to one weight. Increase the weight to keep it challenging.

Weighted Bungee cord are another favorite for small spaces. You can do so much with this. Work on shoulders, or glutes with kick backs.

This photo shows me using this in my bedroom. I’ve stepped on the bottom of this cord and used the handles to pull the bungee up to get the desired targeted areas worked.

I promise you this is a lot harder than it looks and a great way to burn out after a work out. And when you’re finished with it it wraps up way small. So smart and convenient.

If you have a bar at home. It’s so versatile and can be stores leaning in a corner and takes minimal space.

You can work arms, shoulders, glutes and so much more with the bar and various weights.

I highly recommend you invest in a bar for the home gym. There are so many different ideas and possibilities when you own one.

The exercise I am demonstrating in these photos are targeting the shoulders. Keep arms straight. And bring from resting in front of your pelvis to straight in front of you. Then repeat.

You can do this anywhere. Get your shoes on and go. Summer is upon us and you can use the nice weather as motivation. Get you headphones on, pick some good music and go. 🎶

Working out doesn’t need to be complicated. Even in small areas you can get a good work out in.

Keep it simple but get it done.

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