Does Summer Change Things?

Now that the cold winter has gone. How does this change training for the warm summer months?

I know for lots of people winter means staying in. Staying warm and not being motivated to exercise. Sometimes people take off season to new levels when it’s cold because it’s hard to be and stay motivated when there is limited sun and it’s so cold.

I grew up in Canada so the winter meant getting out and training more because it’s the only thing to do. I looked forward to not being stuck in the house, again. Summer in Canada I was so thrilled to finally have warm weather that I spent so much time with the kids outside that I would neglect my training. I mean I never stopped but I definitely slowed down during the summer months.

Summer time for me in Utah has been a turning point for my training. For the first time in forever I’m even more motivated to get outside and enjoy the weather. I love the heat. I love the sun. It makes me feel good and keeps me motivated to train year round. It’s been so nice to be able to stay lean more throughout the year than I did in Canada.

Summer time also brings in new issues for athletes. BBQs are amazing time with friends and family. But eating clean can be a challenge with all the great food people grill. Also, alcohol and regular pop consumption goes up during the summer months too. This is when the true competitor comes out. Can you enjoy a BBQ and stay eating clean?

We can’t hide progress from our coaches when we cheat on our meal plans!

I think we can all agree with high levels of vitamin D we all have more energy and feel better. We need to balance these levels throughout the year and supplement it if we don’t see the sun as much.

I’m so glad summer is upon us and that we can all enjoyable sun. Bring on the warm weather.

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