Pardon me, while I fix my crown

Can we talk real for a minute, please. I am so beyond frustrated by the attitude towards bikini competitors here

When I came to my first show here in LA I remember watch ore judging and as soon as the men’s bodybuilding was done 90% of the crowd left.

I heard comments like,

“Not staying for the Tits & Ass show”


“Look the non talented girls in heels now”


“Good thing bikini is last cause they’re not athletes”

It struck me odd. I thought to myself that myself being a bikini competitor, not one of these statements identified who I was as a person, competitor or athlete.

I chose to shake it off because after all it was the first time I heard these things and it was just strange.

Fast forward a year and I’m on stage for the 5x and was actually on the same stage where I hear all these comments one year ago sitting as a spectator.

I looked into the crowd and low and behold 90% of the audience is gone. I had who I wanted and needed there but it was eerily quiet.

Now, I get that we are the “leanest” muscle category but I promise you. We are not all weak and wimpy.

I can only speak for myself but I promise you I can keep up with a lot of men in the gym. I am not just a “Tits & Ass” girl.

That statement is insulting. Bikini girls work for it. Well I do. I train hard. I suffer bad. I do two a day cardio sessions with weight training sessions on next to no calories going in. For weeks and months on end.

I have a back injury so I can’t do a lot of exercises others can do. So it takes longer hours. It takes being creative. It takes work.

We have to sculpt our bodies too. Especially us older women. Especially if we have had kids. It’s not an excuse it just means we chase after our goals just like any other category out there.

I’ve heard women say,

“I want to challenge myself so figure is the lowest I’ll compete in. Bikini is a joke”


“I like to be big and be able to compete with the men too much to compete in bikini”


“I don’t see what so special about just going cardio?”

Seriously this makes my head want to explode. I’d love to have a bikini competitors prep documented so people can see what we go through.

We don’t just do cardio. We weight train and most athletes do a ton of cardio the last 6 weeks leading up to a show.

Now I’m not saying some bikini girls don’t try and maybe do fit into this “prejudice”. I had a girl at my last show place and come off stage bragging how she’s never stepped foot in a gym ever and just decided a week before to do the show.

Now did I think she looked competitive? No. But sometimes the judging panel has their own ideas of what meets the criteria?!

Anyhow, long story short. Bikini girls are no joke. We work incredibly hard and we can lift. Just ask my husband.

I just needed to get that off my chest. Now I’m off to fix my crown 👑. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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