Waiting Your Turn

Life is complicated.  Life can be messy.  Prep is complicated.  Prep can be messy.  Navigating months and months of prep for one moment to shine can be overwhelming.  I believe that’s why so many people start prep but never make it to stage.

My last few preps I’ve been blessed with the same coach.  This was a huge blessing as I never had to worry about not trusting him or wondering what to expect.  He was in attendance to 1 of my three shows I prepped with him.  Yes, having a coach with you at show day is so important but I trusted him and knew that I could do it without him present as well.  Modern technology is a blessing to keep people in touch when they cant both be at the same place.

As I reflect on the past few shows I look at pictures and one stood out to me that I want to share.


I absolutely love this photo.  Its not me in the spot light.  It’s not me doing my routine.  Its me waiting.  Now I’m sure some of you are like, “So, why post this?”.

Here is why.  Much of the journey to steeping on stage is waiting.  Waiting for checkins.  Waiting for the next meal.  Waiting for the minutes to expire on the dreaded treadmill machine.  Waiting for a machine at the gym.  Waiting for chicken to cook.  Waiting for your coach to return the last email.  Waiting for the scale to drop.  Waiting for muscle to develop.  Waiting for my back implant to charge.  Waiting for my suit to fit.  Waiting for a show to open up its registration.  Waiting for it to all come together in the perfect package so I can be confident on stage.

Lots of bodybuilders are “Waiting” on something.  We aren’t in nature very good at it or patient.  But staying consistent at it helps tremendously.

We are taught that even the moment we step on stage.  The second we do you are being judged.  So whether its your turn or not you need to be prepared and ready.  Showcasing your package as if all eyes are on you.  So, when this picture came back to me I thought, this is PERFECT.

Its showing be being patient and waiting.  As much of our journey is in bodybuilding or in any other aspect of life.  Waiting is essential.  It shows me nailing a pose with the right angles to the judges.  You are being judged and need to look your best every minute on stage.  Not just when its your turn.

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