Blind Faith

Blind faith is trusting in something without any evidence.  Its a leap in the dark, a giving of oneself to something despite a solid foundation.

This can apply tp many aspects of our lives.  With trainings, with fitness, even with your personal life.

Having an unwavering belief that things will work out no matter what life throws at you.

Always be hopeful and look towards the future.


I truly believe we are each given different challenges and trials in each of our own individual lives.  My life hasn’t been easy nor had it been smooth.

Blind faith is something I have had to incorporate into all levels of my life.  I don’t always know why or necessarily love the process.  I try to stay positive and believe that God has a plan for me and that so long as I stay steadfast that I will be looked after.

I love my girls more than anything and will do anything for them.  Even the hard things.  This past year I have been tried more than every in my entire life.  Probably why I competed so much. To keep my mind busy on something I could control.  To distract me from the chaos that surrounded my life.

Safety is the most important thing in life.  Then happiness.  Do what it takes to be safe and happiness should follow.  Material things are just that, things.  Lives are precious and irreplaceable.

Follow your heart and never lower your standards just to fit into someone else’s box.  Your value is worth more than that.

Be the example your kids need.  Be the example you need to see.  Be the best version of you.  If you cant where you are currently.  Have faith and make the move.  You got this, I promise you!


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