Better Than Yesterday

It is easy for each of us to get overwhelmed by whats going on right now in our lives and put off what seems inocent goals for each day to focus on the crisis at hand. But at the end of the day, each and every day off is putting our long term goals futher and further away.

In bodybuilding much like life we guage our progress by comparrisons. How we are today vs how we were yesterday. It takes months and years sometimes to see huge progress but its the daily efforts we put in every single day that helps us achieve the change we need for the goals we set for ourselves for next year.

I want to beat this package. Need bigger shoulders and glutes!

I’m in no way saying that dealing with immeidate “crisis” situations aren’t important or that long term goals need to be the main focus. But we are allowed to make our lifestyle and healthy long term goals a priority. After all, the gym and exercise are a natural anti depressant and helps relieve stress.

I just want to focus on reminding you that YOU are important and an hour each day for you. Whatever that hour looks like, so long as its healthy and benefits you and your body, its okay to make time for it. Even when you feel like life just isn’t giving you a break.

Sometimes the best therapy for you is your daily routine. The positive habits youve spent weeks, months and years establishing. I know its so easy to slip back into out old habits that worked for us for years. Try to stay focused and happy.

For me, when life throws curves, my easiest thing I fall into is NOT EATING. Which is the worst thing for me. If I don’t eat, I can’t sustain muscle I’ve grown, I can’t grow new muscle when I’m constantly in a deficit. Your body will actually hold fat to preserve itself. Which is terrible for a bodybuilder.

The last three months I’ve been displaced and literally been rebuilding my life from the ground up. I’ve moved across the county, just my kids and my dogs and myself. It was for the better. But none the less it’s cauSes a huge blip in my goals.

It’s probably only when the last couple weeks I’ve felt inner peace and have set goals for my 2020 season. Since then I have felt rejuvenated and energized. I feel like even though my situation hasn’t changed as fast as I’d liked, or expected, that I will be okay.

My kids are in school. My younger two anyhow. My oldest is graduated and got her dream job for herself and so they are all happy to be back into a routine.

Sometimes it’s just the little things that help us stay balanced and grounded. I am driven huge by goals and so I am finding purpose and focus again.

Life is good.


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